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Avi showing Isabella the guitar.

Jake’s Sound Healing Friends

We have been feeling quite healthy. We are even getting past the recurring desparate-dash-to-the-bathroom episodes. So when Jake meet the sound healers in Flores, we were interested in how the sound healing works, what it was good for but we didn’t feel any compelling reason to attend a session. The Sound Healers were living in […]

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 Tied up in the San Marcos, Cowboy decided to nip Gus on the hindquarter. They jostled around until they were free but strayed only a tiny way upstream. spreading out so they didn't have to share nibbles.

Freddy’s Friends Fun This Week

We got to spend two days hanging out with Pam. On Wednesday, we helped with her mobile animal clinic. She picked us up from the marina and we went to a small town south of here called Buenos Aires. We had free worming medicine which Pam administers to cats and dogs brought to her table. […]

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Aqua Caliente!

Ketchup with This Catchup

OK this is my last “catching up” post from last week’s travels. What we really needed after all that busy traveling back and forth was something relaxing. We decided to wrap up the Great Inland Travel excursion with a day trip from Rio Dulce to Agua Caliente. Agua Caliente is a hot springs waterfall an […]

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The blue water of Lake Atitlan meets the green volcanic slopes

Guatemala City and Back to Rio Dulce

After so many bus trials, we opted for a private shuttle from Lake Atitlan back to Guatemala City. Coming in by Chicken Bus, we had been so focused on the tranquil lakeview below us that we completely missed the waterfall tumbling down the side of the volcano on the inside of the narrow road. On […]

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Lake Atitlan

Just when you think I have run out of bus stories… Strolling in the Antigua outdoor market, we notice the 10 – 15 Chicken buses parked in the back lot. A chicken bus is an old American school bus reborn as a brightly painted Guatemalan public transportation bus. Many have gleaming chrome detailing and fancy […]

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I have mentioned that our little excursion involved a lot of buses. On our way to Antigua, we took one of the Litegua especial buses which means assigned seats, air conditioning and a bathroom in the back. We now call this “luxury travel” without batting an eye. We settled in for the 5-6 hour trip […]

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Flores and Tikal

We staggered back to the boat last night lugging backpacks crammed with dirty clothes and cameras full of Guatemalan scenery. We had a fast-paced, wide ranging trip and, despite being “bus hostages” for hours at a time, we didn’t miss a meal and only suffered through one bus breakdown (mom and dad – bus hostages […]

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Wild Day With Pam and Al AND Toni’s Arrival!

The Great Inland Travel Excursion begins today! Toni arrived yesterday in Guat City and we immediately hopped on the bus for the Rio, topping off her four hours of flying with six and a half hours of grinding bus travel. Today we will catch the bus for the four-hour ride to Flores so we can […]

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Michelle’s Arrival

One thing we can count on about spending time with Michelle is that it also involves meeting many new friends. It is just one of the many things everyone loves about Michelle. We eagerly awaited her arrival yesterday. We were excited to see her and we, being the country bumpkins we are, were also worried […]

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Great Food, Pretty Night on Rio Dulce

Last night, we went out to eat with Jim and Marley to a really cool restaurant up the river near the Castillo de San Felipe. They led the way in their dinghy and we puttered along slowly behind them. Our outboard has developed a chronic wheeze which starts up anytime the throttle is past the […]

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