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CAPT RANDALL – What can we say. Wife resisted. Son resisted. Daughter conceived unexpectedly! Still he managed to buy boat, refurbish boat, move aboard and throw off docklines before his 41st birthday. Fav quote: Never, Never, Never, Never give up.

TAMMY – First mate, seamstress and writer.  A very good mother. (Lily thought my description needed beefing up so she added the last part.)

JACOB – Navigator, fisherman. On-board scholar. At age 13, drew picture of himself waving goodbye to Dad as Dad sailed off alone. At age 14, crewed first off-shore passage aboard S/V Big Fun and reported that it was “Ok. Not too bad. Kinda fun.” At 15, started seriously reading Cruising World, Sail and developed a taste for classic boats and raw fish. At age 15, signed on for a one year stint as long as he could return for senior year at Clear Springs High. At 20, reported for active duty after a living-on-his-own stint and plans to spend a year with us meeting people and seeing sights and deciding where his passions lay.

LILY –   Galley girl Bait fish catcher. Tool retriever. Meeter & Greeter. Born ready for adventure and cookies, in either order.

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Gerald & Judy and Carl and Faye for forgiving us for taking grandkids so far away …

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