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Leaving the Field of Battle

Modern Technology Messing Up Monday

Yesterday, the post ended with the cliffhanger sentence, “Right now, we are off feed Michelle another meal.” Well it wasn’t just any meal. It was Girls’ Lunch at the Country Dove Tea Room. I took my camera to record us four ladies drinking Peach Tea in Victorian surroundings. We took Mom’s car. It was to […]

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Pretty views along Dog Run Hollow

This is Livin’

One of my Dad’s favorite stories (of many) is about the time he was laying on the floor with Lily, then around four, and she propped her little feet up on his belly, put her hands behind her head, lay back and said, with all her preschool worldly wisdom, “This Is Livin’.” Well, Michelle arrived […]

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Very Last Page Of My Journal

The Art of Non-Conformity

I recently friended The Art of Non-Conformity on Facebook. I have friended phrases before but never one with such a hipster name.  I have high hopes for our budding relationship. Anyway, my new phrasey friend is giving away a journal. I recently finished a journal. To win the journal, one must comment at The Art […]

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Indian Lily with modeling Turkey feather

Sunday Tramp

Lily and I like to tramp around the fields, hoping to scare up a deer or turkey. Today, we wandered up to the northeast pasture which Dad is renting. The house and barn sit in a sea of sunflowers this time of year, giving the place an even wilder, tangled look. We saw lots of […]

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Puppy Love

Dog Training

Lily likes to put Minnie through evening doggie gymnastics. Minnie loves it. After a successful stump jump and hug, Minnie jumps back down from the stump and tears around the yard like a unmanned drone. Granny is usually digging weeds, looks up and seeing the black bullet flying her way yells, “Minnieeeeee. you better not […]

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Apple Pickin’

The apple tree limbs are sagging with green apples. We have been watching and waiting and testing a few low hanging treats. Today, Randall decided it was time to start picking. We got a couple of baskets of apples in search of the ones with a blush of pink on their sunny-side cheeks. The wasps […]

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Lily versus Granddad

Lily is a Sweetwater Bulldog, now, so let’s just say it is important to know how to dribble. They don’t have soccer round here much less swimming. No tennis nor softball. Your social status depends a lot on your ball handling ability. So we have been practicing a little. Randall and Lily have done some […]

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Bachelor Buttons

Trust Fund Traveling

We aren’t doing much this week. We have a pretty good list of stuff that has to be done before we leave but most of the items really should be done a day or two before we leave. So this week, we are catching up on Lily’s school, reading and talking about what to do […]

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Five hippies and and bald guy

Livingston In A Downpour

We said goodbye to Tuk and Henry Thursday night. They leave on Saturday, Tuk back to Thailand and Henry to Australia. We met up at Sundogs for a goodbye dinner with them and Shirley and Neal. After dinner, we dinghied Tuk and Henry back to ParPar and Lily gave Tuk one of those clinging, I-hate-to-say-Goodbye […]

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