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Fire balls in the air

Nightlife and Havana Beach

Most nights, we hit the sheets pretty soon after the sun goes down. Between volleyball, playing on the beach and the nightly cool-down cocktail, we are ready at nightfall to surrender to the gentle rocking of our berths. However, Friday night we soldiered up and stayed up until 11 pm to watch the Fantasy Island […]

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West End Bar overlooking the anchorage

West End – Roatan

We spent yesterday snorkeling on the West End Bay reef. We saw lots of interesting coral and colorful fish. The Parrot Fish are the easiest for us to spot and id. We love to watch their fins fluttering so gently as the nibble the corral with their weird-looking mouths. After a couple of hours of […]

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Czech looking nice and bright in the morning light.

Utila, Honduras

We left on Sunday for Roatan and just made it to Utila, a few miles short of our intended destination. We anchored the first night in Texan Bay and hit the prettiest part of the river the next morning with a beautiful sun breaking through the fog. Lily likes to get on the bow of […]

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