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Welcome to the Snowmansion

Thanksgiving at the Snowmansion

We finally got the OK from Jake to visit him at the Snowmansion! Yeah, he totally caved in when we said we might just book rooms under alias names and show up in disguise. We headed west Wednesday and arrived at Arroyo Seco at dusk. We walked through the door of the Abominable Snowmansion and […]

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Lily and Hope camping under Toni's Deck.

Family Time

Family time ruled this weekend. Toni hosted the Youngblood Family reunion and we had tons of good food all day. Lily and Hope got to get reacquainted and played happily outside all day long, pretty much having their own little backyard party. I cut away from the fun for a few hours to meet Ryder […]

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Haybale Race - Minnie in the Lead

Country Parkour

When Lily gets home from the school, Minnie is right there on the driveway waiting. She knows when the fun starts around here. The evenings are getting slightly nippy so we get our hats and jackets on to run outside and play while there is light. The Alexander’s Razor is currently parked at the Tipton’s […]

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The Toilet Roll Throwing Champion is in the House.

Halloween Happy

Halloween always makes me feel like a unimaginative moron and a candy miser. I always vow to do better next year. Then next year rolls around and and I’m like “Ok, we have a witch, a mermaid and a gypsy all still wearable from previous years’ Oct 30 costume grab at Wal-Mart.” Lily never seems […]

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Randall in the driver's seat.

Climbing Up the Bleachers with All Four Grandparents

Carl and Faye came to see Lily play basketball on Thursday. I don’t know what was the bigger show – cute kids playing basketball or Randall and I leading both set of grandparents to the highest bleacher in the gym. Lisa is in the habit of sitting by the open window in the hot crowded […]

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They did a lot of singin' on the trail since Lily is practicing Lee Greenwood's "God Bless The USA" for school.

Caprock State Park

Yes, we said a sad parking-lot goodbye to Michelle at the Altus Arby’s on Wednesday. Michelle headed to McKinney to see our very good friend Vicki Redd. Randall, Lily and I headed west to Caprock State Park near Turkey, TX. We crossed the Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River with Randall singing the […]

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Lily taking a break halfway up.

Quartz Mountain Hike

We have been hiking the past two days. Michelle hiked with us at Quartz Mountain. We had a beautiful rock climb and then went in to Altus for tacos at a taqueria on the square. The only taqueria (ever?) which does not sell beer. We took some back for the campfire. Said goodbye to Michelle […]

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Awesome Book Club Friends!

Fast, Furious and Fun Weekend

Friday night, we spent a really special night with Jan and Jeff. As soon as we arrived, Jan started mixing us an “Edna’s Lunchbox.” She got four chilled beer glasses from the freezer and explained that they were Granddad Stutz’s glassware. She poured up Coors light in each glass and followed that with a shot […]

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Randall fishing from the bridge.

Perfect Weather & Perfect Company

“Thank goodness we live in a world with Octobers.” I saw this sentence on a red-leaf adorned Facebook photo and thought how nicely worded it was. I shall never utter the words “I like fall” again. We have been in- and out-of-doors all week playing and talking. We love having Michelle here and Mom and […]

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