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Shot One from last night.

The Seven-Day Rain

It has been a solid week of rain. Yeah, it let up a couple of times to a light drizzle but the sun peaked out seldom. Today, it broke through in all its glory and everyone is running around in shorts with giddy smiles, calling to anyone within earshot, “Great weather!” or “Boat leaks? Yeah, […]

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Peyton and Lily perfecting their ballet routine.

Thanksgiving Potluck at Marathon City Marina

We threw a couple of pots into the Thanksgiving Potluck at the Marathon City Marina today. It was fun. It was a feast. I think our boat is now sitting a little low in the water. Before the meal, the marina kids decorated a turkey made of “What I Am Thankful For” feathers. Everyone colored […]

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Eating Well With Friends

Well Michelle has been keeping us up past our bedtime. There is a quite varied and interesting world which emerges after dark that we tend to know little about so it is good to have her along for these after-dark forays. However, before the nightlife, we had a full schedule of Isla touring. Lily was […]

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Biking on an Isla Mujeres back street. It is nice to have the street to ourselves. The sidewalks are a bit narrow.

Playing Around Isla

The water has been calm and inviting the past few days. On Monday, we took the dinghy over to the northwest point where we have seen several snorkel tour boats anchor. Randall and Lily got in the water and snorkeled around the rusty boat carcass which lies in the shallow water. I sat in the […]

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