Thin-Blooded Floridians Unable to Withstand 30 Degree Temps


Yes. We are suffering with the rest of the nation. The wind chills have dipped down to –58 in Des Moines, Iowa! We in Florida aren’t able to post such shocking numbers but hear this. Iguanas are falling out of trees. According to local reports, Iguanas can’t maintain a good grip on palm branches when the temp is low. They lose circulation and fall. We would like to tramp around today and get a picture of an actual falling iguana. However, this would require bundling up, getting in the dinghy (probably getting wet) and being quick with the camera. Sounds unlikely. In fact, my own gripping ability may be compromised. I can see myself losing my grip from the boat rail and falling into the water rather then the dinghy. To avoid this danger, I am posting a picture of some cute, unidentified lizard I took a picture of last month who could, at this very moment, be falling from a tree. Hang On, Lizzie! We may sit tight on the boat, bundled in our coats, until this passes. We don’t have a heat source on Capricious other than the stove so we are cooking a lot, making tea in between and reading reports from the higher latitudes. Miami, about one degree North, may actually freeze tonight. Last night, we went to bed about the time the sun went down and didn’t emerge from the pile of blankets until the sun was high. Tonight will be another long stretch of waiting for sunshine. Aren’t we glad to be in Florida where iguanas fall instead of snow!

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  1. ME January 7, 2010 at 1:33 pm #

    >you make such a serious situation sound so funny!!! I am in Austin at present where 3's are nowhere near -58 but we are expecting 19 tomorrow nite- now that's cold,huh?!!
    I am really dreading that crossing coming up-it is going to be so cold out there. I am really becoming a sissy.
    Have you in my prayers, as always.

  2. Sherrie Phillips January 11, 2010 at 4:41 pm #

    >Last week in OK we had 3 days where the high was 7. Pipes going to my tub upstairs froze, but luckily I was able to unthaw them without any damage. Supposed to be a little warmer this week. I have been spending a lot of my time at home under the covers. But, if we were animals we'd be hibernating any way so I am not worried about it. You guys stay safe and warm!

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