Heading Home

We’re back, sitting on a mooring in Boot Key Harbor, Florida. The picture above is actually from No Name Harbor in Biscayne Bay when we first arrived back. Since then, we’ve made our way halfway down the Keys and plan to stay here for at least a month working on the boat and driving home for Christmas.
Thanksgiving week was the decision-maker. Jacob was finishing up his persuasive essay, “Why teens shouldn’t be homeschooled.” There was no pumpkin pie or large, loud family gatherings. There was a trip to the beach that ended in Jacob’s second injury of the trip, a broken finger. The run-the-business-from-the-boat plan had a few clitches. It was decided, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, to point Capricious’ bow in the general direction of Texas.
We made the three day passage back through Bahama blue water almost glassy this time. The easy sail gave us lots of talking time. We talked about how, a month from now, we’ll only remember all the fun and beauty and excitement. We wished we’d taken more pictures. We talked about chips and salsa and favorite League City restaurants. We discussed the pros and cons of the various Clear Lake marinas. We occasionally thought we were doing the wrong thing and we told ourselves it was definitely the right thing. We called the grandparents upon arrival. They lauded Jacob’s views on public schooling. They hoped we’d be home by Christmas.
We meant to stay out a year but six months of adventure will last us quite a while. Will we itch for a distant shore sooner than we expected? Will the convenience of daily showers, well stocked grocery stores and floors that don’t move lull us into tightly tied docklines?
Now it is Dec 15. We’ve had two weeks back in the United States and are still tossing around questions. Live on the boat until Jacob graduates and then set sail again? Move back to 200 Pecan Drive?
You can only see as far as the horizon, no matter where you are.

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  1. Laura Madden December 15, 2009 at 11:08 pm #

    >wow that is so profoundly reflective. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your uncertainties. Thank you for sharing your adventure. You are right – even from inland – you can only see as far as the horizon. I love you and can't wait to see you.

  2. Sherrie Phillips December 16, 2009 at 3:41 pm #

    >What a great adventure. I personally think it was a great success. How many people even get as far as you did? Many sit on the shore and only fantasize about the trip. Life, always the great mystery, unfolds in its own time. I've no doubt you'll give it another go. Your life is like the sailing adventure you are on. For now, you're just adjusting the course but the journey continues. Hope to see you sometime soon!!!

  3. Scott December 17, 2009 at 4:48 pm #

    >Well I have like a thousand questions for yall…. we are still refitting Honu Lele with the hopes of a Spring departure. We are now full-time League City residents. Owen is enjoying school at GoForth and Ana is attending Happy Harbour three times a week. Enjoy the warm weather while you can, it has been crazy cold here. Let me know if yall need extra crew on the return trip. I am always looking for a reason to play hooky from work.

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