The Long Way To Pensacola

>We made landfall Wednesday in Pensacola Florida. We motored into a south wind for three days. Weather reports were indicating possible tropical depression forming in Panama. Since we were making such little progress to Isla Mujeres, we decided to turn east and go with the wind. More favorable wind was so enjoyed that we rode it to Pensacola. Trip highlight was Jerry, Randall and Jake fighting a 40-pound dorado to the deck! All three swore they were on the losing end of the fight but finally got him in, minus one fishing pole. Lily was on constant dolphin watch and spotted many twirls and flips. However, at one long stretch without a glimpse of life out there, she got reflective and looked us and said, “What are we doing here?” . . . Perhaps we’ll have an answer for her at the end of the year.

There must be thousands of these things off the Texas and Louisiana coasts

Anyone hungry?

Nap time under the fan

The ice is all gone and we need a beer

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