Former Crew Salute: Jerry Brichacek

>We had lunch on Pensacola Bay and then said bye to Jerry. He has to get back to Drumright, OK, to beautiful wife Debbie who so graciously let him go for a week. Jerry and Debbie are busy repairing their boat’s Ike damage but Czech N Mateis almost ready for their upcoming voyage. We hope to share some future bay with them after they bring their boat down the Mississippi and into the Gulf. A great big thanks to Jerry for taking on so many crewing duties including a day long, post passage engine tune-up. As the picture above shows, you never know what kind of chore you might end up with on Capricious. We are staying one more night at Palafox Marina. We fueled up and were getting ready to leave in high winds when the Harbor Master offered to let us stay overnight for free due to the wind. We try not to have too many boat rules but I may establish the first one as “Never turn down free night at a Marina.” Thanks Palafox!!

Thanks for dinner and all the help, Jerry!

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  1. Diana June 15, 2009 at 4:34 pm #

    >Wow you are really out there doing this! Thanks for sharing your voyage. It's great. How's Chewy holding up to the sea? Do dogs get sea sick? Hope all are well. Diana

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