Down to the final details . . .

>We have spent two years getting ready for Friday. We shove off at 2 p.m. for Capricious’ first offshore passage under our direction and begin the Fuchs Family’s yearlong sailing journey. We plan to reach Isla Mujeres within 5 to 7 days with the help of two extra crew, Michelle George (Houston TX) and Jerry Brichacek, (SV Czech N Mate, Drumright, OK).

We hope we have left no detail undone and even Lily’s toes are properly prepared.

We are so excited yet we wish we did not have to miss the special moments in our family and friends’ upcoming year. So, here is our story and a small request. Spare no detail when you email us! We will miss you and hearing from you will help us to be there for a little while. And, if you find yourself mulling vacation plans, come aboard!! We’ll show you a _________ time (adjective varies depending on port, weather, and imagination).

Remember Tammy, keep the pointy end forward and the big stick up!

Capricious crew


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  1. Jan June 5, 2009 at 7:06 pm #

    >Tam…I am still trying to upload my pic…..
    Hope you are now in Galveston Bay

  2. Diana June 10, 2009 at 4:58 pm #

    >How's the sailing? Hope you've adjusted to your sea legs. Looking forward to hearing of your adventure. Lots of Love, Diana

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