Rigger Jake

Randall and Jake took turns today going up to the mast to install the three new lower stays. Rigger Jake is not afraid to use a hammer to get an oversized t-head fitting in place. Well, he was a little afraid. He kept calling down, “I don’t think you are going to like the looks of this.” Randall had already filed the fitting edge down a bit and gave him the go-ahead to beat the fitting into the mast receptacle with a hammer. “I don’t think you are going to like the looks of this,” Jake yelled down again. Bang. Bang. Bang. Finally it was in and we took off  for the Bay. Just past the seawall, the wind died out completely so there was not much sailing going on. It did give us a chance to raise the one sail we kept off Capricious. Capricious came with a small hank-on sail clearly too small for her inner forestay. We never knew why it was taking up space in the locker. Extra sail cloth? Future awning? When we sold Capricious, we kept it and hung it near the Barndo as a play tent for Lily. We were hoping it would finally get the opportunity to serve its intended function on Foxtrot. However, once raised, it was about a foot too short and doesn’t set well.

Rigger Jake installing the baby stay.

No wind...no worries. Didn't need to be across the bay, anyway.

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