Clearwater Revisited

Well, my week here is coming to a close. It’s been a wonderful time cramped on the boat with my family. Surprisingly to my parents, I’ve missed everyone quite a bit and boat life in general too. I tried to explain that just because I don’t return phone calls it doesn’t mean I don’t care. It just means I don’t have pressing news at the time. Wednesday, we went out to Clearwater and Pier 60 for their Sunset Celebration, which we’d had the pleasure of enjoying about 3 years ago when we first set out on our “family adventure”. It was strange being there again, reminiscing on what we did last time and how much lay before us at that point in the trip. We walked the same dock, ate at the same restaurant and even snapped a photo in the exact same park bench. Thursday, we rode bikes around and relived the days when a bike was our fastest mode of transportation.

I was reading a copy of This Old Boat, which has a funny line that reminded me of one of the worst aspects of my previous boat life. The article was a boat review, which stated that is wasn’t very feng shui to locate the head next to the kitchen. If you can sit on the toilet and wash dishes at the same time, something is wrong. On Capricious, the head was right by my room and, even worse, the holding tank was under my bed. I always worried the smell followed me everywhere I went.

But here are my top three reasons why I miss boat life: going new places, meeting eccentric new people and having a great time on the water.

Posted By Jake Fuchs – Guest Blogger

These two can climb trees but can't climb down.

Mom and I on our favorite Pier 60 bench. We were way darker last time we visited.

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  1. Me March 31, 2012 at 3:19 pm #

    wow,jake what a great post. I wish i was there w/ y’all to revisit those ol’ stomping grounds-that was so fun. I cannot believe it was 3 yrs ago.
    It’s funny that you say that about the feng shui becuz my sister-in-law in Kc,last time i was there was talking about it out of ALL the times i have been there. They have a bathrm,right off the kitchen!!!
    Am so anxious to see Foxtrot after all y’all done on it.
    Know you are busy,etc but when you geta chance let me know what you’re up to. My phone is still “suspended” but i will be back in Staes in few wks so i’ll give you a buzz.
    Love all of you

  2. tam April 1, 2012 at 12:06 pm #

    Can you fly home via Tampa Airport???

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