Weekend Song and Dance

Dancer Lily has never really had a dance partner to match her eloquence and energy. Saturday, Randall, Jake, Lily and I went for lunch at the St. Petersburg downtown weekend festival before taking Jake to the airport. We split up in order to select from the tempting food vendors and met back up for sharing. We lunched on Filet Mignon Tacos, Caribbean Jerk Chicken and Rice with Plantains, a spinach and potato knish and a pancake sandwich which probably has a name besides what we called it: Dang Good Pancake thingy. Full and happy, we walked around with our fresh squeezed OJ and eventually stopped in front of the live outdoor stage where Urban Gypsies where rocking some great bluegrass. Lily jumped in with a few other dancers. Most of the audience were sitting and watching. Lily danced a few by herself and tried to get one of us to join her. There were too few dancers and too many audience for our, shall we say, dancing ability. Becky, Shawn and Ross from Dock 3 joined us, however, and Ross immediately extended his hand to Lily. Finally, a dancer with equal grace! He led her through several turns. Becky then got in on the toe-tapping action and worked in a jumping back and forth dance step which Lily, I’m sure, is going to be doing more of now that she has the hang of it. The band started up “Momma don’t allow no guitar-playing round here.” Though the song was lively, the dancing pretty much stopped as a sweet little girl about Lily’s age took over the “I don’t care what Momma don’t allow, I’m gonna do it anyhow” vocals. I don’t know how Momma stands a chance when kids are so cute and so talented. She might as well throw her hands in the air and dance.

Sunday, we got the hefty Singer Jake brought from home. We took it on our last sail but thought we wouldn’t have room on Foxtrot. Now that we are aboard, there are so many little projects we need it for that we have decided to find room. Today, we made a harness for the outboard and plan to work on the jib UV cover tomorrow. I’ll probably be singing “Momma don’t allow no sewing machine around here” by the end of the day.

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