Zen Tree

Any OU Women Basketball fans out there? The tree below makes be think of Sherri Coale’s tree. OK, I haven’t ever seen Sherri Coale’s tree but I have a mental picture. Sherri Coale’s is coach of the Oklahoma University Women’s Basketball team. She gave an interview a couple of years ago wherein she mentioned that one of her stress management techniques was driving by her favorite tree. The tree gives her a sense of peace and helps her gain perspective on the daily challenge of coaching. I missed the actual story so Danny, please comment back to correct me/provide a more detailed account. I like the story and it just pops into my mind now when I see a great tree. “Sherri Coale should be here,” I mumble. “Oh my goodness, I wish Sherri could see that one!” I say a block later. Does she get pictures, now, from over enthusiastic tree lovers? Is she swamped with people wanting her to consider the zen of grass?” Anyway, I’ve been thinking about that story a lot because St. Petersburg has awesome trees. If you don’t have a favorite tree to drive by on bad days, you need to move here. I’m also posting a pic of Lily in my oversized black boater.


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