To Air Condition or Not To Air Condition

Back in the surburbia days, I would tear open the electric bill knowing the “payment due” box was going to be at least irritating, maybe even outrageously unbelievable. This month, I tore it open just a little excited. We live in an un-airconditioned boat with a six gallon hot water heater and a milk-, eggs- and lunchmeat-only refrigerator. Ok, four beers tuck up nicely under the shoebox-sized freezer but you get the picture. This was payback time. I glanced for the payment due box and did a little Yes! That’s more like it! $22.00. Let splurge on a bag of ice! As much as I’d like the electric bill to stay in the realm of a dinner tab, we are approaching the make-or-break months for the unairconditioned. We’ve been kicking around trying to abstain from the purchase of a window unit for the hatch. It is so peaceful without it. Plus, it will be in the way and be another bulky thing to store. Today, however, Jay, our next-boat neighbor, was leaving for the weekend. He has a little upright air conditioner which, on the plus side, does not require blocking a hatch. We have occasionally discussed the pros and cons of the upright units versus hatch-blocking window units. “You can try that little air conditioner out this weekend it you want,” he said as he climbed off his boat. Do we look a little toasted, I wonder? Are we giving off heat rays his direction? He must sense we are teetering on the brink of an air conditioner purchase. No thanks, we smile. We have ice! For another hour, anyway. Then, well, we’ve got the water guns, loaded and ready! Have a nice weekend!

Lily has with both barrels aimed at Randall.


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