“SV Foxtrot Sweetwater, Ok”

The rechristening took place last weekend. Some boat owners make this a ceremonial affair with champagne and toasts to Neptune. We put the name on, stood back and said, “It will probably look crooked from a distance.” That was about it. Hopefully, Neptune will not get word.


Also last weekend, we got a call on the dinghy we were trying to sell. He came, saw, bought and wished us well. The timing could not have been better. Randall ordered the new dinghy Sunday night. It arrived late Friday. We got it in the water today and, tomorrow, Lily, Jake and I head for Oklahoma to leave the truck and bike at the farm. Randall will put on the new chainplates while we are gone. We fly back on March 1 and will be ready to leave. The Dinghy has red racing stripes which we like very much. Well, I call them racing stripes. Also, we have never had a two-seater. Maybe we will even name her. We have never named our dinghies. Perhaps Randall thinks I will insist on a naming ceremony. Perhaps I will.



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