Polar Bear Night

We got outside our comfort zone yesterday. Lily went first so we pretty much had to follow. Yes, our comfort zone was a mere 20 feet away, steaming gently into the night air. Still, we hesitated.

We have access to a total of three swimming pools since we have boats at both Watergate and Waterford marinas. Lily passes them several times a day. Each time, she wants to know when we can get in. We have made a few casual mentions of going for a Polar Bear Swim but wasn’t really sure Lily would take the plunge.

So, last night, we headed down to Watergate’s pool at about 8 p.m. We had hoped no one would be around to witness the event, making it easier for a change of mind. Unfortunately, there was a small party of diners at the Sundance Grille. They seemed quite engaged in conversation. We quietly put our things down by the hot tub and walked to the pool’s edge. There was nervous laughter. Lily put a toe in and said, “BRRRRR.”

“Well what do you think, Lily” we said. “We don’t have to go in.”
“Well I’m gonna.”

And she jumped. She came up sputtering and seemed unable to dog paddle.
“Ca. Ca. Caa – oooold,” she said, finally managing a couple of feeble strokes and quick inhalations.

We pulled her out and told her to walk, not run, to the hot tub.

Then I dove. It was the coldest water I have ever been in, I am sure. I made straight for the steps. This wasn’t about exercise. It was about split second endurance. I did a fast walk to the hot tub watching over my shoulder as Randall jumped.

Weird that we went one at a time. We didn’t discuss it but it almost seemed like we had to watch each jump in amazed wonder. And then, of course, examine the resulting shivering and exclamations with uneasy anticipation.

The hot tub felt wonderful. We giggled for half an hour. Lily and I managed a second cold water submersion. We think we are ready to hit the beach on a sunny February day now that we are acclimated.

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