Sun Harbour Marina

>We are currently anchored outside Sun Harbour Marina in Panama City. We see a lot of activity nearby. The Shell Island pontoon rentals and the Betsy Ann Riverboat all take a payload of sunbathers and tourists out on the water several times daily right past our boat. This morning, we walked a few blocks to catch a trolley to the beach and play in the water. When we first passed the Panama City Bay jetties on Monday, we noticed that the blue water turned bright green in the shallow water. Today, we found out that the green tint is due to seaweed which is suspended in the water right now and can easily become suspended in your swimsuit bottoms as well. As the sun went down tonight, Randall cranked up Robert Earle Keen’s “I’m Coming Home” on the boat’s underpowered stereo system. We sang so no one would notice the poor sound quality. A few might not have noticed we’re from Texas. Til Now, anyway.

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