El Cid Resort

We spent the morning doing schoolwork and boat chores. Jake handled Lily’s spelling practice the past couple of days and that is going well. They start a game of backgammon during which Lily has to spell her words in order to roll the dice. She actually did pretty good on her test today so maybe we will continue this experiment in backgammon spelling next week too.

This afternoon, we went swimming at the El Cid pool. This is the first marina we have ever stayed at which is part of an all inclusive resort. Unfortunately, we do not have the wrist bands giving us all inclusive access. We had to buy drink tickets to use at the poolside bar and the resort restaurants are quite pricey for us pay-as-you-go transients. Ah well. It is still fun to hang out at the resort and take in some of the entertainment. Lily wasted no time falling in with some kids to play with and is planning to attend tonight’s magic show.

Spelling Test with Jake holding the spelling book backwards

Spelling Test with Jake holding the spelling book backwards

We did a little rock climbing on the jetty's huge concrete blocks

We did a little rock climbing on the jetty’s huge concrete blocks

Lily on the pool's cliff diving platform

Lily on the pool’s cliff diving platform

Feet First!

Feet First!

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  1. toni May 18, 2014 at 10:27 am #

    looks like fun. all this spanish reminds me of the days in lewisville when there where post it labels in spanish on everything! this is definitely the better way to learn…submersion. lily…are you holding your nose?!

    • adminsvfoxtrot May 19, 2014 at 5:05 pm #

      Yes, I am holding my nose!

      There is a slide here and cliff jumping but Mom will only go on the slide. Bubba and Daddy haven’t even done anything. For my birthday present from Mommy and Daddy, I got a pretty Mexican doll and when I take her skirt off, she has another dress with tights under it because her shirt is so long.

      I also got two braids in my hair with flowers and beads on them.

      Love Lily

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