Former Crew Salute: Michelle George


Michelle often describes herself as a gypsy. She travels. She avoids buying stuff, opting instead for a life of experience rather than things. She works intermittantly, saving furiously for the next trip. She is drawn to new people everywhere she goes and takes up with them as old friends. Her lastest experience – 53 days with the Fuchs family – has been a sea trial of unique proportions. She had to have her hair groomed daily by Lily. Jacob was her frequent shoreside companion and told outrageous lies about her land activities such as, “She keeps trying to take me to bars,” and “She tried to set me up with a 8 year old.” She was asked numerous times if she was my sister. And when she started mentioning she needed to go home, the Captain quit sailing to towns with airports. I picture her at home tonight, thinking that experience is pretty darn overrated. Yet, we know her well, and know that she is remembering every moment in the best light. She had her own special relationship with each of us and we are all missing our gypsy mate and hoping her wandering path leads here again someday. One of her most used expression was “Cheers Mate” and she never took a drink of anything, from beer to a tall glass of water, unless she’d first offered to get others a drink. So tonight, “Cheers Mate” to Michelle. We will miss you! It was a great way to start our voyage.

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  1. Michelle July 29, 2009 at 2:47 pm #

    >wow, what can i say to that?? First of all, how did you get a foto of me?? Secondly, these are too kind of words. Thirdly, Tammy, you are one hell of a writer.
    Regardless of what you guys say, the pleasure was mine and i would gladly do it again. I love you guys and miss you already. I hope to come with you on another leg.
    You guys rock!!!!

  2. Capricious July 30, 2009 at 10:22 am #

    >I was going to list all the chores you did but I was afraid it would scare off future crew prospects if they saw the work involved!! Isn't that a great foto? You can even blow it up and see the bow of the boat in your shades. We love you too and will call later. Sorry I missed your call. We are on the phone with Mamaw and R is making another sensational galley creation…

  3. Ramona January 19, 2010 at 10:57 pm #

    >I am not surprised in the least. I have known Michelle for many, many years. She is the real deal in a friend and a steward of Goodwill, always. Michelle would give you the shirt off of her back, I've seen her do it with my own eyes. We should all be honored to have her as a friend, and I am sure a sailing mate. Her love is unending…….Mona

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