Work Wanted


I know you get tired of hearing from me. So here is a post written from Jake’s perspective (how he’d have written it if he has time/inclination/interest in sharing).

Spending time with my parents is ok. Dinnertime, that is. I like spending dinnertime with my parents particularly on those occasions when steak or shrimp is on the menu. But the rest of the time? No thanks. Which is the problem with cruising. So I’ve spent the last week scouting for a job in Brunswick. I’ll walk in a restaurant and ask if I can fill out an application. “I don’t have enough work for myself,” is the frequent reply. I even showed up at the library to volunteer. “We only have paying positions,” was the response. “Ok. Can I get an application?” “Sorry. We don’t have any paying positions right now.” Librarians. They are such practical jokers. My parents keep saying small towns are like that and I have to be persistent to find anything. But I have the feeling I’ll finally land my first choice job at the busy pizza joint downtown and it’ll be time to leave. Maybe I can break through at the library and have them create the first unpaid position in the history of their institution. I think they kind of like abusing me.

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  1. Jan July 31, 2009 at 12:24 pm #

    >Jake…. Hey Your Aunt knows specifically what you are going through!!!!! Never, never, Never give up…. You have heard that from you dad, I KNOW!!
    You will find a job!!! Granddad has a tree row he wants cleaned out!!!Plum thickets to kill!!, You can give me computer lessons…

  2. Capricious July 31, 2009 at 2:38 pm #

    >Yeah and no one pays like Granddad … We have been getting quotes on some canvas work we need done. I may need to come work for Granddad to fund our boat projects.

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