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Lily driving us around.

Beating The Heat

Last weekend was rainy and cool but the heat has returned. The sun comes up early so the boat starts feeling hot about 10. Randall hired a local guy, Lionel, to help him clean the boat and engine room. They also cleaned and sanded down our fading navy stripe along the cabin top and Randall […]

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Our nightly view from the cockpit.

Tied Up at the Nana Juana Dock

Last night, we were talking about seeing a Facebook post from a friend sharing that his two teenage boys had just discovered the hilarity of Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s of First” routine. We decided to gather around the computer and share this treat together. Lily rolled on the settee laughing while I admit to a […]

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And the central lagoon was a nice place to sit as long as you didn't sit on the conch.

Sand Castle City

Lily and I had some beach fun today. We started out kayaking but it was a little windy so we turned our efforts to sand castle construction. Lily had apartments, farms, markets, an orphanage and coral-ornamented guard towers. I had promised a full report on our blowing bubbles lessons. However, our lessons have been postponed […]

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Pretty voice. Great guitar.

Fickle Hearts In Rough Seas

Yesterday, we trailed Susie and John around the island as they did their gourmet shopping. John is making sushi for the upcoming island cook-off so sushi supplies were purchased at Bulk Gourmet. We stopped at a small open air carneceria in Coxen Hole for some ground pork and they told the butchers how well their […]

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Just call me "Baby" and I'll swing your way.

Monkey Tail

By Tammy and Lily Hello I am a Capuchin Spider Monkey. Some call me “Mono Loco”. Some call me “Hey Give That Back”. Some call me “Shoo Go Away”. Blondie calls me “Baby” in a gentle motherly voice and I like that. I like to sit up in the tree branches and hairless monkey-watch. Some […]

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