Bowls of Boatmeal

Tristan Jones is a well known among sailors for his fascinating sea stories. He claimed to have logged more than 450,000 nautical miles on various boats. Biographers and readers have argued a bit over this number but I think it’s more controversial that we don’t have an accurate count of how many bowls of burgoo he ate. For those who haven’t picked up one of Tristan’s 13 books, all of his amazing sea tales are punctuated throughout with his daily bowl of burgoo. Burgoo is a layered dish of porridge, bacon and any available fish, flavored with whiskey and kept in a barrel on deck. He seemed satisfied with his seagoing diet and menu-planning wasn’t something he wasted his time on. I think I could eat Burgoo. Once. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t do it daily. But I have made a breakfast adjustment for the sake of boat life that sounded a bit weird until I tried it – eating uncooked oatmeal with milk. I love oatmeal. Plus, it travels so much better than cereal. However, who wants a hot breakfast on a hot morning on a hot boat? So I tried the Boatmeal recipe posted at another sailing blog ( and its very good and very easy. I add raisins to my uncooked oatmeal and milk and down it goes. Fresh squeezed OJ every morning would also be nice but that is just an occasional treat.


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