Together Again

Well he hasn’t tried to talk Lily out of the V-berth, but Jake is definitely right at home on Foxtrot. He walked down the pier with us after arriving saying, “I do kinda miss boat life.” We wondered just how hard it would be for a six-foot+ sailor to get around in Foxtrot. So far, he’s only bumped his head a couple of times. Granted, he stays pretty much in the main salon where he doesn’t have to hunch over to get around. But he ducked his head in both the V-berth and the aft cabin with a polite “Nice” for us. His feet hung off the settee. He fell asleep early last night so we didn’t wake him to explain that the settee has a cutout at the end of it for your feet to actually extend into the cabinet beside it. Hopefully, it’ll be more comfortable tonight. We spent most of the weekend avoiding the boat since the Honda Grand Prix still made talking impossible. Yesterday, we walked around downtown and had lunch at Lucky Dill Deli. Today, we went to DeSota National Park. DeSota is a long, narrow park with access to both the bay and the Gulf. We played in the surf, flew Lily’s new kite and rearranged sand. Lily found a friend and made several batches of mud pancakes. Jake dug a hole which he felt was pretty respectable. We hated to tell him that Owen’s beach hole was easily ten times the size of his. He was a disbeliever until Lily said, “Jake, we all three got in Owen’s hole. Me. Ana. And Owen.” In fairness, we admitted that Owen had a shovel while Jake was working with a clamshell. Still, we have convinced Jake that he will have to practice before getting into any excavating contests with Owen. We drove up to Madeira Beach and shared a gallon of Mud Pie Ice Cream. Tonight, everyone is smoothing on sunburn relief. There has been talk of a card game but noone has the energy to shuffle.


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  1. Dano March 26, 2012 at 3:48 pm #

    Jacob looks rested and relaxed. He said that is stay so far was lobsteresque. Did he tell you that he woke me up at 3 in the morning, to go to the airport. I have been exhaustedesque ever since. Hope you guys have fun. I miss having my roomie and current event debater around (i’m always right you know). Also do not believe any of the stories he tells about me. I am sure they are made up. HA! Hope to see you guys soon. Tell Lily hi

  2. tam March 26, 2012 at 7:54 pm #

    Too funny. If you were on facebook, the current event debate could continue. Jake has been posting comments about the Florida Stand Your Ground Law. He has reported some Wild Doings at the Payne Spread. They have a ring of truth. Lily said Hi. She has a friend, Emily, here and Emily says Hi too.

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