Sightseeing by water

Dinghy driving practice went well. Student 1 (Tammy) just needed a refresher course from having been land locked so long. She failed backing but can go forward in a fairly controlled manner. Backing was never her thing anyway and every effort is given to locating a spot on a dingy dock that doesn’t require significant backing expertise to leave. Student 2 (Lily) was a little inclined to over-steer and over-correct. To her, ripping through tight circles and leaving a zipzagging wake is the very point in boat maneuvering. She gets points for eagerness and will happily put in as many practice hours as necessary. Yes, our new 6 horsepower Tohatsu outboard arrived recently and is getting broken in. It requires several hours of running at half throttle which is about right for Lily and me anyway. Jake arrives Saturday and will certainly want to put it through the full throttle test. We have dinghied around the St. Petersburg Pier and over to the Vinoy Marina and sighted several dolphin on the return trip. We see dolphin often from the sailboat but it is even more fun to see them from the dinghy almost … within … reach.

Tammy's toes


Randall with St. Petersburg Pier in the background

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  1. Jan March 23, 2012 at 10:18 am #

    Looks like life is treating you well! Lily looks comfortable in charge…… Randall must feel secure; I don’t see him in a life jacket with a frantic look….I know you are looking forward to Jakes arrival! Have fun!

  2. tam March 23, 2012 at 12:28 pm #

    Yeah, it’ll be fun next week with all four aboard. Wish you were here. Hope your visit to the farm was fun…

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