George Town Arrival

>Jacob has a dream. He has even drawn it up on paper.
A driftwood lean-to with a hammock underneath. A fire pit would be nice and he’ll also need our collapsible water bag. He’s also hoping to come across an abandoned ice chest. Then, he’ll pack his bags and be outta here.
We’ve told him that there might not be land available for beach bum style squatting but site selection goes on as we make the run down Stocking Island looking for an anchorage by George Town. Monument Hill looks good to him. Anything on land looks good to him. He is ok with us visiting but we have to bring the food, lots of it.
I think the closeness is getting to him. Thank goodness we’ve made it to George Town where we can pile off the boat and put each other at arm’s length.
We anchor right next to Chat N Chill. The white sandy beach feels great after three days of pitching up and down. We play a short game of two-on-two volleyball until we can’t ignore the smell of Chat N Chill’s food. Ok, really our volleyball limit is 30 minutes but it’s nice to have a tantalizing excuse. The conch burgers are delicious and Jacob, always happy in front of good food, notes calmly that there is not another person under 40 in sight and that cole slaw isn’t bad on conch burgers. If he weren’t critiquing food, this observation would have been so calmly made.
“They get here in December,” is our reply. “We’re early.”
“I’m not so sure,” he says.
Randall and I look at each other. We can’t buy him ten conch burgers a day to keep peace. The situation looks a little serious.
“I bet some of these 40 year olds are really immature,” we try.
Today we plan to see the town. We have lots to do. Randall is tracking down a part for the battery regulator which melted down during the trip making for a tense ten minutes of searching out the source of smoke. I want to check out the grocery store to see what we’ll be eating a lot of here. Toni wants to take in the local sights and see how to get to the airport on Friday. Lily wants to see if there is ice cream. But Jacob will be scouring for building supplies. If you build it, they will come. If they don’t, his friend, Murrey, is planning on a December visit. Pictures to come as soon as I get my camera battery charged (battery regulator problem has us on power conservation mode). Hopefully, there will not be one of Jake camped out on shore.

3 Responses to George Town Arrival

  1. Jan November 18, 2009 at 1:43 pm #

    >funny…. I know Jake loves his family but can undertand that he doesn't always enjoy the close proximity of them……. What exactly is a conch burger? A burger with cole slaw…. It is beautiful here today….. Probably one of the prettiest falls I can remember….

  2. Laura Madden November 18, 2009 at 2:17 pm #

    >oh – poor Jacob. I hope he finds comfort in his lean-to. Would you people just leave him alone and let him pretend he is on Survivor !!! 🙂
    So will this be the spot for a while??
    What did you find at the grocery store??

  3. Sherrie Phillips November 19, 2009 at 2:50 pm #

    >I am afraid that I might've been camping out with Jacob (though don't tell him I'm over 40), ha-ha. All the port hopping sounds like lots of fun but days on end in close confinement and I see me turning into Jack Nicholson in The Shining! ha-ha. Good luck. Mabye you can just pick him up on your way back?

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