Birthday Bash

The week started out with GLEN’S 9th birthday party!! Lily was invited for pizza, cake and fun times up at the Bayboro cafe. All week, Glen, Chase and Lily have been playing with Glen’s new game, Bey Blades. This is pretty exciting for Lily since, as you can see from the bottom picture, she has taken to playing with Dad’s left-over Plumber’s Putty. You know the old saying, Everything on the boat should have more than one use. Plumber’s putty is not only good for sealing up the sink drain; it also provides hours of entertainment to extremely bored crew. We spent the weekend getting ready for the haul-out. The boom is off and laying on the dock. We took the boat out today for a quick engine check and will motor over to Apollo Beach tomorrow morning. We drove over to the yard today to leave the truck so Lily and I can make parts & pizza runs during the haul out. Today, bets have been placed on how long we will be on the hard. Randall says one week. I say two but, I gotta admit, his optimism is quite cute.


Blue Tongued Monsters in the Marina?

Blue Tongued Monsters in the Marina?

Chase, Glen and Lily with Glen's new game

Chase, Glen, Carli and Lily with Glen’s new game


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