The Lindsey’s

We spend the weekend catching up with the Lindsey’s – Scott, Sheri, Owen and Ana. We and the Lindsey’s shared some fun times back at Watergate Marina in Kemah. They watched us pull away for our first trip on Capricious in 2009. Scott also came and crewed for us upon our return trip to Kemah. They took off on their boat Honu Lele (Hawaiian for “Flying Turtle”) in 2010. We followed their blog while they cruised ( but we got to see their awesome slideshow this weekend. They made landfall at some of the places we’d still love to go – the Tortugas, the Berry Islands and Marsh Harbor. Sheri also boat-schooled so it was good to pick up ideas on how to coax a six-year-old to tackle book learnin’ in between swimming and sandcastle constructing. Lily was giddy all weekend to have old friends to run with. Scott got Lily going on Ana’s boogie board and I managed to get a shot of the big grin she had coming in on the surf.  On Sunday, we tested out the Foxtrot dinette table and it will seat seven as long as half the party is under ten-years-old. I wish I’d captured this event on camera but hotdogs were insistently calling our names.

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