Sad Day In St. Pete’s

It’s a sad day here in St. Petersburg.  My girls are gone.  They headed out this morning for a 2 day drive to Oklahoma to visit family for a few weeks.  For some reason they thought that would be more fun than staying here and helping me check off the last item on the ToDo list – engine repairs.  Ok, so they didn’t want to endure bloody knuckles, grease, sweat, tears and cussing.  Who could blame them?  They’ll be back in 2 weeks and hopefully everything will be ready for us to point the bow south to destinations unknown.


Girl #1

Girl #2

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  1. Judy May 27, 2012 at 6:35 pm #

    We are looking forward to seeing your girls!! Wish you could have made the trip too! Jan is showing me how to look at your blog and has marked in the favorites box!

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