Love Is In The Holiday Air

We met up with Diane, Sam and Emily Taylor for the downtown St. Petersburg Christmas celebration. As we neared the dazzling lights, the girls excited voices called out, “Someone’s getting married. Someone’s getting married.” It took Diane and I awhile to spot the Bride and Groom amid the manger scene, colorful lights and spectator hustle and bustle but, sure enough, there was a bride in flowing white with her tuxedo-d honey getting their wedding pics taken with the busy holiday fanfare as the backdrop. Leave it to the girls not to miss the romance in the park.

They didn’t miss the ice skating either. It was actually glice skating which means that the rink surface was hard plastic instead of ice. Most of the kiddos were sort of trotting around in the skates with a little glide at the end but they seemed to be having great fun and the inevitable falls were not so chilly. The Vinoy overlooks the rink so we strolled around the busy lobby to see their sparkling tree and decor. All the comfy seating areas around the fires were filled but the kids were on a mission to see the pool anyway. The pool area was deserted but a light steam rose from the water so I’m guessing they keep it heated for December swimming. Thankfully, the kids didn’t jump in although they did have to splash their hands in the deserted hot tub. Maybe we should return with suits on under our layers. All that heated water should not be going to waste.

Sam, Emily & Lily at the Downtown St. Petersburg Christmas in the Park.


Emily & Diane

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