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>The new MP3 players are here. Not only does Lily now have her own, but it is permanently attached to her ear. Last night, I heard her mumble in her sleep, “plug it in, plug it in” because a dead battery is her worst nightmare. People frequently ask her what she’s listening too. Well, she’s got Owen and Ana’s Favs – a mix tape her friends made for her before she left. She gets out every third word of ‘Hey now, you’re an Allstar, get your game on, go play.” “Walking on Sunshine” is always a singing and dancing number. Jake has loaded some Beatles on there for her (his choice) and some Dixie Chicks (her choice). She spent her MP3less days on the Gulf sitting in Michelle’s lap with one of Michelle’s earpieces in her ear so she also wants the music from Happy Feet and Carolyn Wonderland’s “Bad Girl Blues.” Finally, she gets in Daddy’s lap last night with a few requests from his music. Can I have “He went to Paris,” she asks? Aaaaw. She and Daddy sing Jimmy Buffet’s sad ballad every night. It will choke up anyone with a beating heart. She wants the song about her, also known as “Lily of the Valley” by Charlie Robinson. Her last request is the Dark Horse. “Can I have the Heart Dancing In Our Eyes song,” she asks sweetly. Please? I tune in for the response. “Sure,” Randall says, pleased with her selections. John Prine’s guitar starts up the simple melody of “In Spite of Ourselves,” while he records the odd-but-happy, love struck duet for her. It starts so innocently with “She don’t like her eggs all runny…” With all the rhyming couplets, she’ll have it memorized in no time. “…She gets it on like the Easter Bunny.” It’ll probably be me hiding my face at the marina club house while she belts out, “She thinks all my jokes are corny. Convict movies make her horny.” I think she’ll actually skip Iris DeMent’s mince no words description: “Well he ain’t been laid in a month of Sundays. Last night I caught him sniffing my undies.” She’s only four but, at four, that’s still strangely un-singable. If you want to rate the song’s preschool appropriateness, follow the link below and comment back. If you couldn’t care less what crazy things parents do these days but are in a quirky relationship that needs a new theme song, this might be just the one. And if you’re a movie buff, please let us know what movie this is from. I am guessing that Billy Bob Thornton’s character is the one with “balls the size of a big brass monkey” but I could be wrong. Play song at

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  1. Susie August 28, 2009 at 9:07 am #

    >Wish Sexy Rexy was here because he just might know the the answer but he is laid up in the hospital with a broken arm. Wish I could hear her sweet voice just a singing!!!

  2. Capricious August 28, 2009 at 6:41 pm #

    >You'll have to ask him if it was Hillbilly Zen?? I saw it referenced on a web site. I hate that S.R. is in the hospital, probably keeping the nurses in stitches. You are both in our thoughts.

  3. Laura Madden August 28, 2009 at 8:18 pm #

    >O M G – I am laughing through my tears – or crying through my chuckles. This is the best post – BRAVA – BRAVA You crack me up and make me cry!! I remember having to change my car CD selection when Maeghan was Lily's age – she asked me about "only the good die young" Billy Joel certainly seems mild to me now – I don't know what I would have done with a song like Lily's. Hoot Hoot – I am still laughing – and wanting to join you guys!

  4. Laura Madden August 28, 2009 at 8:22 pm #

    >P.S. – I have to say I have always admired your ability to avoid the "Popular culture demon" of the television. It makes me smile now to know it just wasn't your media of choice – Be careful – they say that this music thing is even more insidious in spreading loose morals – but didn't they say that about Elvis????

  5. dpx603 August 29, 2009 at 10:37 am #

    >The movie was Daddy and Them, made in 2001. Written and directed by Billy Bob. I have never seen it. Your know-it-all BIL Danny

  6. Capricious August 29, 2009 at 10:44 am #

    >Laura: You would have said, "Doug, that is not going on your four-year-old's MP3!" You know me, I can't say NO! Plus I like the darn thing too. They may have been right about Elvis all along. We have teens so we are in the prime time, worry around the clock years, huh? You know you can join us anytime you have time. We planning on taking off early to mid Oct for the Georgetown in the Bahamas. Still uncertain about after that. Maybe Puerto Rico.
    THANKS KIA. (Didn't realize KIA stood for Know it All.) We'll have to secure this movie and sit through it when you come visit. Hope the broken rib is better? A curse on broken appliances!

  7. ME August 30, 2009 at 8:13 pm #

    >hey guys- i have been so busy trying to adjust to not being a boat bum, i haven't been good at staying in touch or checking blog. What a lot i have missed. Randall just told me to come and check it out- i cannot believe that i never knew that song was from a movie. I am so familiar w/ that song and both artists and didn't even know its history.( I guess you don't remember me telling you that we had this situation w/ my niece when she was about same age. My parents were a lot more understanding than my sister-in-law's Mom!!!) I can just see Lily going to town w/ those lyrics. I wish you could actually record R singing HE WENT TO PARIS w/ her, because that dude can sing.
    That's great that you guys got players- i am so behind.
    Tammy, your posts are so well written- words just flow flawlessly thru you. I really do enjoy reading them, though i would give anything to be w/ you guys.
    I am soooo glad Jake has found some friends and he's enjoying being there more. I guess i was cramping his style!!
    I love and miss you guys terribly. You never are not on my mind-wondering who all you're meeting, where they've been, what you're doing to boat… guess i need to concentrate a bit more on things here, huh?!!
    I love you and will be in touch… ME

  8. Capricious September 1, 2009 at 7:17 pm #

    >I remember the story well. Didn't remember the song! What a coincidence. R says no to the recording idea. Saw that coming, didn't ya? We miss you too, all the time. R has half the stanchions off trying to track down that leak over Lily's berth. Someone left Banagrams at the clubhouse "give away" bin so we playing with it alot.

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