Fort Pierce, FL

>We made great time from Marathon Key to Fort Pierce Fl thanks to the Gulf Stream. It is strange to go 7 knots in 0 knots of wind. All night long we coasted, listening to the Coast Guard broadcast a message to area vessels to be on the lookout for another sailboat, Pisces, which was overdue on its trip from Miami to Key Largo. Unfortunately, the Coast Guard does not broadcast info when a lost vessel is located so we never get any closure after thinking of all the various things that might have caused another sailor’s delay. Hopefully, the Pisces crew is now accounted for and enjoying a “It coulda been worse” round at the local bar. We would have kept going North another day but the cool front that has broke the Oklahoma-Texas heat wave is making its way down here creating some thunderstorms. We are glad so many of you are finally getting a break even though it sounds like every blade of grass, flower petal and even Dad’s black-eyed peas are past rescue. May the rest of the summer be cool and pleasant!

Something ate half of this Barracuda before we could get it reeled in.

This one didn’t get eaten…what’s with all the Barracuda?

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  1. Jan July 18, 2009 at 5:51 pm #

    >Is Barracuda a good fish to eat? Apparently something thinks so… The cooler air is welcome here…Keep posting!!!!

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