It is Hard Keeping Up With A Zombie

Glyn and Chase came over for pumpkin carving a couple of days ago. They are homeschooling on Sea Mist IV and leaving for the Bahamas shortly. They homeschool through the Florida Online program which is conducted by the Florida public school system. They log in everyday and learn with a certified Florida teacher. I was curious if they met for a regular-length school day since it was through the Florida school system. When asked about how long they are at the books, they responded that some days they had school until 6:30 p.m.! Wow. I gotta find out how Kristy does this. We have been ringing the final bell at about 1 p.m. Our start time is erratic but we are usually at it by 9 a.m.

We met up with Elizabeth for Trick or Treating at City Marina. Lily went as a Princess Kitty in a homemade mask we designed from a torn kitty poster. I thought it was cute especially when combined with fake fingernails and a white, braided, fluffy-ended tail. However, the popsicle-stick reinforced mask proved uncomfortable and blinded her as she tried to keep up with Zombie Elizabeth (fastest Zombie around). The mask was abandoned early and I now realize I don’t even have a picture. I love Elizabeth’s Zombie poses from last night.

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