Galveston to ? – Continued

We made good time to our next anchorage, Bayou Petite Anse, and started scouting out a good anchorage among several choices. We poked around an hour trying to find a good spot and finally ended up anchoring at the very edge of the channel on the Bayou’s west edge. The channel was very wide so we figured we had left plenty of maneuvering room for the barges. Randall stayed up until almost midnight to watch a couple of barges come through and make sure we seemed out of their way. We had been in bed about an hour when we hear a captain complain on the radio about “these sailors comin’ in here an’ anchorin’ right in the middle o’ the Petti-An.” Sorry, Captain. Thanks for skillfully sliding by us.

We left the next morning in thick fog which stuck around all morning. The fog broke up slowly and we sailed in and out of it in the afternoon. At times, one bank would be clear and another still shrouded in fog. At one point, the layer of fog remained near the surface of the water and a boat drifted to us with only its tower showing while the huge hull remained buried in the fog. Pulling into Morgan City, the Berwick River Transportation Control immediately radioed to ask us where we were heading and give us instructions on passing the railroad bridge, tying up and reporting back at our departure. We made a quick trip to the Morgan City Urgent Care Center because I had a brief, unexplained episode of hypochondria involving that useful, ambiguous euphemism – female trouble. Anyway, I was perfectly fine. In fact, it was so minor,  I could easily just not mention it and save any worried prying from Mom. However, it does seem a blog should really include the most memorable points and my  foray into hypochondria will certainly be bantered around with in our personal trip narrative. Anyway, my sweet physician’s assistant, Marilee, reassured me that I was exceedingly healthy and fit. I argued a bit and she fixed her eyes on me and said gently, “This is good news.”

We spent today at the City Dock, catching up on work email, cleaning up and stretching our legs around the downtown area. We had po’ boys and gumbo at Rita Mea’s and then, later in the day, cupcakes at Sweet and Simple. Tomorrow, we plan to take on the 40-mile stint from here to Houma, where we can again tie up and reach downtown by foot. A cold front is moving through so it will be a cold morning but temps should reach the 60’s later in the day. Still, we keep looking at each other and saying “Florida Keys Here We Come.” When we get there, we may ceremoniously burn our thermals.

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  1. Jan March 12, 2014 at 10:16 pm #

    The food menu sounds good! Your thermals may be in threads by the time you reach the Keys!! Now that I know you are blogging I will be watching for your post!!! Glad your trip to Urgent Care turned out good! Love Ya!

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