Shreddin' in the skatepark

Just Wastin’ Time

We are now just wasting time here in Portland. We have been encamped here waiting to sign some paperwork related to a property sale. Every morning, we get a call or email assuring us that everything looks like a go for the next day. Every afternoon, we get a call saying there is one more glitch to be worked out. This has been going off and on for a month now. Anyway, here are our go-to time-wasters just in case you wonder how we fill up the hours between the more exciting stuff.

Skippin' rocks!

Skippin’ rocks!

Duck watchin'

Duck watchin’

More Blackberry Pickin'

More Blackberry Pickin’

Shreddin' in the skatepark

Shreddin’ in the skatepark

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  1. Fayefuchs August 18, 2015 at 8:36 am #

    What a way to waste time!!!!!!!

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